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Transportation examples from Manitoba

It’s probably fair to say that Manitoba is behind when it comes to developing innovative transportation solutions. But there are a few bright spots.

Our challenge is to scale these up, and to add more.


Winnipeg finally has its very own car-sharing program—Peg City Car Co-op. Peg City has started out small. Your membership will enable it to grow and, over the next 20 years, catch up with other vehicle-sharing programs around the world.

Other groups in other communities in Manitoba also need to get busy replicating the Peg City model (or something that serves the same function). One of the resources they can use is the very thorough feasibility study which Peg City completed.

Electric Car Advocacy

The Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association is leading the advocacy for electric vehicles in our province.

Improving Truck Efficiency

You might have noticed that many of the large trucks on Manitoba roads have skirts under their trailers. What you might not know is that those skirts are part of a larger initiative called the Manitoba GrEEEn Trucking Initiative.

This program is a joint program of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT), the University of Manitoba’s Transport Institute (UMTI) at the Asper School of Business and the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA).

You might also not know that one of Manitoba’s leading trucking firms—Bison Transport—has become the first transportation company in Canada to be able to sell carbon credits for its fuel efficiency initiatives.

Airships for Northern Cargo

Dr. Barry Prentice, at the University of Manitoba’s Transport Institute (UMTI) at the Asper School of Business has advocated for, done research on, and begun to develop the hanger needed.

Granted, not everyone thinks they are feasible. But the debate about feasibility has been around for years. It’s time to ask: What steps do we need to take to find out if this will work or not? And then we need to take those steps.

| more examples coming |

If you know of other transportation examples in Manitoba, let us know.

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