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If we’re going to achieve 50 by ’30, there’s no way around it—transportation has to be part of the solution. It consumes 1/3 of all the energy we use.

Transportation presents some challenges that heating & cooling and electricity do not:

  • Crucial technologies—like a viable electric bus—are not yet widely available.
  • We are (to a greater extent than with heating & cooling and electricity) dependent on economic forces outside of Manitoba. For example: we can’t develop a low-cost electric car on our own.

However just because something is difficult is a lousy reason to avoid doing it.

And we don’t need to change everything in transportation to get to 50 by ’30.

Our projection is that we need to reduce our non-renewable transportation energy from 33% to 5%, and increase our renewable transportation energy use from near 0% to 5%. That’s a change, but it’s an achievable one.

Current transportation realities in Manitoba

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