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Heating & Cooling Examples from Outside Manitoba

More than 60% of the heat for Danish homes comes from renewable biomass sources like wood and straw.  We have more wood—and much more straw—than Denmark, and yet we use virtually no biomass heating systems. Why?

All over the world, there are examples of people reducing demand and increasing efficiency  for both heating and cooling in ways we can copy.

And, all over the world, there are examples of people using renewable technologies to heat and cool almost every kind of building you can imagine. 

Geothermal — National initiatives

EcoTerra House in Eastman, Quebec

Additional examples of geothermal heating and cooling outside of Manitoba include the EcoTerraTM  house in Eastman, Quebec  and Alstonvale Net Zero House, both of which are demonstration projects for the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association EQuilibrium initiative, designed to promote net zero energy consumption, affordable housing,  sustainability, reduced resource consumption and the development of a template that can be replicated across Canada.

Geothermal – International initiatives

Low energy houses in Switzerland designed according to MINERGIE standards that identify highly energy efficient buildings with approximately zero net consumption primarily incorporate heat pumps for heating of residential dwellings.

Campus Life

Most schools, colleges & universities in Manitoba are taking steps to reduce demand, increase efficiency, and increase renewables. They have made a start, but there is still a long way to go. One of the examples that we can learn from is Warren Wilson College’s Eco-Dorm. This example:

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