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Heating & Cooling

In the last 20 years, as part of a comprehensive cluster of initiatives, Denmark has transformed its heating systems, using straw as a renewable fuel source.

We don’t need to depend only on straw (although we have an awful lot of straw that gets burnt in the fields and goes to waste). We have a variety of renewable by-products from agriculture and forestry that we could use for heating.

Over the next 20 years, we could give Denmark a run for its money. And create a significant new revenue stream for rural Manitoba in the process.

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New Flyer hybrid buses are being used in cities all over North America—but not in Manitoba. We can change that.

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Dockside Green in Victoria, BC, is a new development that is demonstrating that sustainable design–including the production of renewable energy—is practical and attainable.

How about we build our own Dockside Green? Of course, ours wouldn’t just be a clone of Victoria’s, but there’s no reason in the world we can’t adapt their ideas and add a few of our own. And then maybe The Atlantic will ask if Winnipeg has the greenest neighbourhood in the world.

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